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Business Wire
Jan 2014
"Haldor Comments on the Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert on Preventing Retained Foreign Objects"

OR Today 
Nov 2013
"Haldor’s ORLocate® system, the leading RFID-enabled surgical instrument management solution, is another technological innovation that can help improve the relationship between the OR and CSP"
Business Wire
Sep 2013
"Belimed Inc. and Haldor Advanced Technologies announce Strategic Partnership for Real-Time Surgical Instrument Management System"
Business Wire
Aug 2013
"Haldor Advanced Technologies Awarded Surgical Instruments Tracking and Management Agreement with Premier Helathcare Alliance. Premier Members to Benefit from Haldor's unique RFID enabled Solution"

Aug 2013
"The ORLocate platform was demonstrated to the UK National Performance Advisory Groups (NPAG) HSDU and Operating Theatre Managers Forums at the Royal Asiatic Society in London"
RFID Journal
July 2013
"The ORLocate system repository already supports the GS1 tag data standard format....Tagging can be accomplished either via RFID or 2D matrix... The firm also added support in ORLocate for the Unique Device Identification (UDI) rules"
July 2013
"The ORLocate Platform - RFID enabled tracking of surgical instruments is NOW GS1 compliant and UDI READY"
Business Wire
May 2013
"Best Practice Professionals, Inc. and Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd. announce partnership for surgical instrument management"
Business Wire
May 2013
"Device Technologies to distribute Haldor's Orlocate® RFID enabled surgical instruments visibility solution in Australia and New Zealand"
Intelligent Hospital Today
December 2012
 "RFID and sterile process using RFID"
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Business Wire
September 2012
"Haldor and Intelligent InSites Announce Integrated Enterprise RTLS"

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Medical Devices Today
 May 2012
 "Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd."
 Market Watch, Reuters
 January 2012
 "Haldor Advanced Technologies Commercially Introduces the New ORLocate Surgical Instrument Tracking System to North America"
 December 2011
 "The Medical Errors Detector"
 Kommersant, Russia
 November 2011
 "Minimal, but profitable improvements"
 MTD, Germany
 November 2011
 "Innovation made in Israel - Instrument Management"
Allbiomedical – Product News Center
 September 13, 2010
 "ORLocate® uses RFID technology for Tracking Surgical Instruments, Sponges During Surgery"
RFID for Healthcare
 "ORLocate - Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd"
 2010 RFID Journal
 August 27, 2010
 "ORLocate RFID-enabled System for Surgical Sponges and Instruments Gets FDA Clearance"
 medGadgets ORLocate
 August 26, 2010
 "Surgical Tool Tracking System Gets FDA OK"
 News Medical
 August 25, 2010
 "ORLocate system designed to prevent medical errors in surgical procedures receives
FDA clearance"
 Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry
 August 26, 2010
 "When Surgical Sponges Lose Their Way"