The company

Haldor Advanced Technologies is a privately held firm that specializes in RFID enabled solutions for the healthcare industry.

Haldor Offices

Haldor has wholly owned US and Canadian businesses that operate directly in North America. 

A multi-disciplinary team works out of a Hod-Hasharon, Israel-based research & development and manufacturing facility.

The company’s flagship solution, ORLocate®, is an automated  High Frequency RFID-based technology that was created to address the major challenges that today’s operating rooms and sterilization departments confront. ORLocate® is the only commercially available solution that monitors and tracks surgical instruments, sponges and disposables on an item-by-item basis before, during and at the conclusion of the surgical procedure.
ORLocate® provides item level surgical instrument management solution through the entire lifecycle of surgical instruments starting from operating room through the sterile processing department and the hospital storage department.

Haldor’s value proposition is based on three components: patient safety, return on investment (ROI) and, lean management.

Enhanced patient safety and improved quality of care are achieved through:

  • Dramatic reduction of retained surgical instrument (“RSI”)  risks
  • Reduction in harmful X-rays required due to miscounts and RSI events
  • Increased time allocated for patient care in the operating room
  • Reduction of contamination risks enabled by entire cycle item level management

Improved cost savings and return on investment are achieved through:

  • Reduction of instrument shrinkage
  • Increased accuracy of surgical instrument sets
  • Reduction in surgical instrument inventory
  • Elimination of costly non-reimbursed events due to RSI events.
  • Reduction in insurance premiums

Lean and efficient management is achieved through:

  • Reduction in packing time of surgical instrument sets
  • Elimination of repacking defective instruments
  • Reduction in the learning curve of newly hired sterilization technicians
  • Reduction in time spent on reconciling counting discrepancies

The intellectual property incorporated within Haldor’s technology and products is globally protected.
ORLocate® has undergone safety testing and has received FDA clearance, TGA approval, and
CE certification. Haldor has also received the ISO 13485 certificate for a medical device quality system.

Haldor prides itself on having a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that stands at the forefront of manufacturing technology.