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Haldor Advanced Technologies Releases a Breakthrough New Sponge Management Solution: Modular, Mobile, Wireless, and Tailored per Use-case and Requirements.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, September 8th 2015, Haldor Advanced Technologies announced today the release of its new surgical sponge management system.

The new ORLocate sponge management system is modular by design. The system includes a low cost RSI (Retained Surgical Items) product and/or a counting & reconciliation product that enhances patient safety and provides the staff with adjunct auto counts technology, per AORN guidelines.

The new and lean standalone ORLocate sponge management system is equipped with a user tablet, a small reader-box, and one or more of Haldor’s proprietary RFID readers.


OR staff can position the tablet anywhere in the operating room as it communicates with the reader-box and the other proprietary readers via an autonomous dedicated wireless network provided by the system.
At any given time, multiple sponges are being used and handled by surgeons and staff in parallel and across the various operating rooms of a single hospital; the new ORLocate sponge system comes with an optional patent pending expansion product that provides a centralized sponge situation awareness monitoring and management tool, overseeing and handling in real time all sponges across a single hospital’s entire suite of operating rooms.


Utilizing Haldor’s recently released revolutionary patent pending HoveRead product, a Circulating Nurse can count in seconds every soiled sponge, as well as the unused ones, to provide 100% assurance that no sponges are left behind.

The ORLocate sponge management system is equipped with the ORLocate NEW Locator, capable of identifying every missing RFID marked sponge, misplaced in the laundry and trash bins or in a patient cavity, eliminating the need for unnecessary surgery delays and expensive X-Ray procedures.

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"The release of our new sponge management system extends our mobility and modularity strategy in the surgical item track and trace arena. Our RFID enabled sponge system is the market’s only commercially available option providing hospitals with both Retained Surgical Items and counting & reconciliation capabilities,” said Ilan Kadosh-Tamari, CEO of Haldor.

Haldor continues to stand by its commitment to provide hospitals with a single platform for track and trace of surgical items. As part of any hospital’s organic growth strategy, this new ORLocate Sponge system can also easily be expanded to track surgical instruments, tailored specifically to each hospital’s needs and in accordance with its budget.
The new, standalone ORLocate Sponge system is easily and quickly installed onsite. It can be desk or wall mounted, and it is offered with a variety of accessories such as a dedicated roll stand. The ORLocate Sponge system can also be integrated with the ORLocate View server for unparalleled reporting and analytic capabilities, tailored to each client’s needs.

About Haldor Advanced Technologies
Haldor Advanced Technologies is a privately held company that specializes in developing solutions for the healthcare industry. The company's flagship product, ORLocate, is an automated RFID based system that is designed to help hospitals improve patient safety, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency in both the operating room and the sterile processing department.
ORLocate is the only commercially available solution that monitors and tracks surgical instruments and consumables, including sponges, on an individual basis before, during, and at the conclusion of a surgical procedure. ORLocate offers an advanced solution for inventory tracking and asset and life-cycle management of surgical instruments and sponges.
Headquartered in Hod-Hasharon, Israel, Haldor has offices in Europe, the Middle East, and North America alongside a network of partners in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Contact Information:

Ram Alt
V.P. Products

Pete Koste
V.P. Stategic Accounts
+1-(856) 346-1263

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