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Haldor Advanced Technologies Announces the Release of the HoveRead™, a Revolutionary Handheld Device Capable of Detecting Hundreds of RFID Tagged Instruments in Seconds.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, February 18th, 2015; Haldor Advanced Technologies announced today an extension of its ORLocate® pioneering product portfolio with the launch of the HoveRead™ a revolutionary handheld RFID reader designed to work with and extend the ORLocate workstations offering.
In the operating room, the HoveRead™ allows the scrub and circulating nurse to easily count all the instruments placed on a Mayo Tray, the Back Table or within a metal container and by that, it provides vital assistance during intraoperative counting executed several times along the procedure. The HoveRead™ can be used to register RFID tagged sponges in the sterile zone and count used sponges placed in nylon bags or dedicated plastic bins.
In the Sterile Processing Department ("SPD”), connected with an ORLocate® workstation, the HoveRead™ can be used to register the arrival of sets and instruments on the production floor while placed on trollies and thus improve productivity.
Equipped with an intuitive display, the HoveRead™ provides the user with situation awareness and improves the cooperation between the circulating and charge nurses. The HoveRead™ can also be used to pinpoint which instrument is missing and thus accelerate counting reconciliations.

Ergonomically shaped, light weight and easy to hold the HoveRead™ is designed to be used by both perioperative staff and SPD technicians. The HoveRead™ can be desk-mounted to facilitate additional use-cases and work modes. "We are excited about this new addition to our family of proprietary readers, designed for users after careful study of their needs. The HoveRead™ will assist Haldor to demonstrate the growing feasibility and effectiveness of RFID in tracking and management of surgical items.” said Ilan Kadosh-Tamari, CEO of Haldor Advanced Technologies.


The ORLocate® System, including the new HoveRead™, will be demonstrated by Haldor at the 2015 AORN Surgical Conference & Expo at the Colorado Convention Center between March 7th-11th 2015. Visit us at booth #323.

About Haldor Advanced Technologies
Haldor Advanced Technologies (Haldor) is a privately held company that specializes in developing solutions for the healthcare industry. The company's flagship product, ORLocate®, is an automated RFID based system that is designed to help hospitals improve patient safety, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiencies in operating rooms and sterile processing departments. ORLocate is the only commercially available solution that monitors and tracks surgical instruments and consumables, including sponges, on an individual basis before, during, and at the conclusion of a surgical procedure. ORLocate offers an advanced solution for inventory tracking and asset and life-cycle management of surgical instruments and sponges. Headquartered in Hod Hasharon, Israel, Haldor has offices in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

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