Release of the Sponge Tag – Press Release


Haldor Advanced Technologies Releases a NEW RFID Tag Optimized for Sponge Tracking via its ORLocate Sponge™ System.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, February 4th, 2016,  Haldor Advanced Technologies announced today the release of a new RFID tag for its line of RFID marked sponges, gauzes, and towels.

The new ORLocate Sponge™ Tag was designed especially for tracking sponges, towels, and additional sterile consumables. Its cylinder shape dramatically reduces the tag footprint compared to the token shaped tag previously used, and the new tag can easily be embedded into smaller sponges and gauzes.

One of the advantages of the new ORLocate Sponge™ Tag is it’s 20-inch detection range (suitable for bariatric surgeries), the highest detection range for any sponge tag in the market.

In parallel to the release of the new ORLocate Sponge™ Tag, Haldor has won a key patent on a novel method and system for attaching RFID tags to disposable items such as sponges.


Sponge Trans

“The release of our new sponge tag improves the capabilities of our newly released ORLocate Sponge™ system. Haldor is constantly raising the bar in intraoperative adjunct technologies, utilizing RFID to provide best of class solutions,” said Ilan Kadosh-Tamari, CEO of Haldor. “Through our newest patents and the others in our portfolio, we have demonstrated industry leadership in three areas that are key to the future of perioperative workflows: Surgical Instrument Track and Trace, Retained Surgical Items (Sponges & Instruments), and Counting & Reconciliation of Sponges,” added Kadosh-Tamari.
Alongside the release of the new ORLocate Sponge™ Tag, Haldor further enhances the usability and mobility of the ORLocate Sponge™ System with a custom built Roll-Stand that reduces the intraoperative footprint.



The new Roll-Stand includes convenient hangers for the Locator and the HoveRead™ and its superb stability enables to easily positioning it in the most convenient location in the operating room per use-case.
Haldor continues to stand by its commitment to provide hospitals with a single platform for track and trace of surgical items, and with the new ORLocate Sponge™ Tag it is now possible to easily count and locate an array of sterile consumables.



About Haldor Advanced Technologies
Haldor Advanced Technologies is a privately held company that specializes in developing solutions for the healthcare industry. The company's flagship product, ORLocate®, is an automated RFID based system that is designed to help hospitals improve patient safety, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency in both the operating room and the sterile processing department.

ORLocate®  is the only commercially available solution that monitors and tracks surgical instruments and consumables, including sponges, on an individual basis before, during, and at the conclusion of a surgical procedure. ORLocate®  offers an advanced solution for inventory tracking and asset and life-cycle management of surgical instruments and sponges.

Headquartered in Hod-Hasharon, Israel, Haldor has offices in Europe, the Middle East, and North America alongside a network of partners in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.