One Retained Surgical Sponge is Too Many

The ORLocate® Sponge Solution both counts and locates surgical sponges. The only RFID enabled adjunct technology per  AORN guidelines.

The ORLocate Sponge Solution

The ORLocate® Sponge Solution is modular by design. The offering includes a low cost RSI ("Retained Surgical Sponges) product and a counting\reconciliation product that enhances patient safety and provides adjunct auto counting technology per the AORN guidelines.

The ORLocate System Introduction

ORLocate® is the first commercially available system to use RFID technology to accurately, efficiently and in real-time track, monitor and manage the flow and capabilities of the tagged surgical items.

ORLocateView Inside Trailer 2015

ORLocate View®’s Management Dashboard provides Sterile Processing Department Managers with instantaneous situation awareness. It utilizes Scorecards and KPI methods to highlight potential bottlenecks, missing items and malfunctioning machines, as well as assisting in optimizing resources.