ORLocate 3M

ORLocate Connector for 3M Attest


The ORLocate® 3MTM AttestTM Connector provides seamless connectivity between the ORLocate SPDTM solution and the 3M Attest Auto-readers for rapid and super-rapid readout of Biological Indicator results.

The Connector automatically captures the biological indicator test results from the 3M Attest readers and prevents association mistakes as well as the need to enter data manually!

ORLocate®‘s advanced user interface provides step-by-step guidance to assure cycle-appropriate test pack selection by the technician in accordance with the content of the batch and the hospital preferences.

ORLocate® validates with the reader that a reported Well is occupied, alerts if there is no control for that Lot and eliminates the risk of using an item from a batch with a positive Biological Indicator test in the Operating Room.

Automatic association between processed items and biological indicator test results and the cross validation versus the Biological Indicator control well dramatically reduces human factor errors and increases SPD technician and management.


ORLocate® provides the SPD technician with various alerts such as reader error, communication failures, missing Control, or placement in a different well group.

Yet, the decision what to do in each instance is left for the consideration of the technician and/or circulating nurse.

ORLocate® provides visibility of the Biological Indicator test results across the entire lifecycle of the surgical instruments as well as full accountability and traceability regarding decisions to use instruments and implants that did not reach the final stage of testing (“premature release”).

  • Instrument level taceability and user accountability
  • Stage by stage guidance for Biological Indicator tests
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Eliminate risks of using instruments with a positive Biological Indicator
  • Validation that test pack selection matches:
    • Set type – recommended sterilization method
    • Selected sterilization program
    • Reader model
  • Alerts:
    • Positive Biological Indicator result
    • Control – missing or negative result
    • Mismatch in well placement
    • Lack of control result
    • Lot expiration date
    • Reader error
    • Communication failures