The H-Tag

The H-Tag for Surgical Instruments

The ORLocate® passive RFID H-Tag withstands the rigorous decontamination and
sterilization processes. H-Tag survives the harsh chemical intensive environments that prevail in sterile processing departments with the intent to stay operational through the average lifespan of surgical instruments.

The H-Tag attachment to instruments utilizes best of class adhesive technologies and proprietary methods developed by Haldor to shorten the period of time required to complete the tag attachment process.  Tag attachment on instruments is done usually near the handle and it is confirmed in a dialogue  with surgeons  to prevent impact on device functionality.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Sustains all the commercial denomination processes including ultrasonic
  • Compatible with sterilization by:
    • Steam
    • ETO(Ethylene Oxide)
    • No2(Nitrogen Dioxide)
    • Plasma(Hydrogen Peroxide)
    • Excluding radiation (Gama)
  • Unique Device Identification  ("UDI") ready
  • No power source required, powered by an RFID interrogating signal
  • No impact on instrument sterilization
  • No interference with instrument functionality
  • Detects hidden or covered items
  • Does not impact instrument manufacturer’s warranty.