The HScanner

The HScanner

The HSCanner® is the first in the industry handheld RFID & Barcode reader  that was designed for sterile processing environment. Ergonomically shaped, light weight and easy to hold the HScanner® is designed to be used by sterile processing technicians on the SPD production floor corrosive environment.


The production floor technician uses the  HScanner®  to read RFID tags as well as to scan barcode labels and it is fully protected against dust and jets of water.

Equipped with a powerful rechargeable Ni-Cad battery, it can be used for a full day and more and it is fully recharged in a few hours.  Custom design and special silicon cushions ensure that is is drop-safe.

The device has a dedicated docking & charging station that provides:

  • Charge Indication
  • Alerts upon improper placement
  • Wall & Table Mounting