ORLocate OR

The ORLocate OR Solution

The ORLocate® Operating Room (“OR”) Solution provides hospitals with an intraoperative surgical item management solution including instruments, sponges, disposables and untagged items. ORLocate ORTM facilitates counting before, during and post-surgery. The circulating and scrub nurse can add items during surgery, remove used sponges and if required use the Locator device to track missing items in the patient's abdomen and/or in the laundry container. Thus it prevents Retained Surgical Item (“RSI”) events and reduces instrument shrinkage.


ORLocate®'s modular architecture enables Haldor to accommodate various customer needs ranging from a standalone sponge solution via a hybrid solution that includes sponges and set level tracking, up to full intraoperative item management. Charted below are the main options with highlighted benefits per configuration.


The NEW OR Console is mobile and can be desk or wall mounted with optional accessories such as a dedicated Roll Stand. Each system is equipped with one or more of our proprietary readers, and the hardware configuration is derived from the supported use-cases.

The hospital can start from a minimal configuration such as OR Sponges (RSI or Counting) and expand over time the system and budget to support any growth strategy.


ORLocate ORTM is fully compatible and synergistic with the ORLocate® SPD and full RSI protection as well as 100% set accuracy and integrity is achieved by combining the OR Solution with ORLocate® SPD.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce RSI risks and liability costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce time spent on manual counting and searching of instruments
  • Prevent usage of defective instruments
  • Minimize instrument shrinkage (loss)
  • Improve infection control
  • Facilitate instrument maintenance lifecycle (defective & preventative)
  • Improve instrument and workflow visibility
  • Ensure the right instrument at the right time for the right case
  • Improve instrument utilization rates
  • Regulatory compliance & UDI ready