The HoveRead

The HoveRead

The HoveRead® is a revolutionary handheld RFID reader designed to work with and extend the ORLocate offering.  Ergonomically shaped, light weight and easy to hold the HoveRead® is designed to be used by both perioperative staff and SPD technicians.


In the operating room ("OR"), the HoveRead® allows the scrub and circulating nurses to easily count all the sponges and instruments placed on a Mayo trays, back-tables, soiled sponges counter bags and containers, or even laundry baskets, biological waste disposal (Red Bin) and waste disposal bins.

In the SPD, connected with an ORLocate® workstation, the HoveRead® can be used to register the arrival of sets and instruments on the production floor while placed on a trolley or a table and thus improve productivity.

Equipped with an intuitive display, the HoveRead® provides the user with situation awareness and improves the cooperation between the circulating and charge nurses.

In both use-case the HoveRead® can also be used to pinpoint which instrument is missing and thus accelerate intraoperative counting and reconciliation between the OR and SPD.

The HoveRead® can be desk-mounted to facilitate additional use-cases and work modes.