ORLocate Sponge

The ORLocate Sponge Solution


The ORLocate Sponge® Solution is empowered by RFID technology and it  provides hospitals with an intraoperative modular family of solutions tailored to their requirements for adjunct technology per AORN guidelines and for RSI (“Retained Surgical Items”) prevention.

The offering includes several modules:

  • ORLocate Count™            Counting of RFID Sponges.
  • ORLocate RSI™                 Detection of RFID Sponges.
  • ORLocate Sponge®           Counting & Detection of RFID Sponges.
  • ORLocate Instrument™ Counting & Detection of RFID tagged Sponges & Instruments.

The new and lean standalone ORLocate Sponge® is equipped with a medical grade wireless tablet, a small form factor Reader-Box that generates an autonomous dedicated wireless network and at least one or more of Haldor’s proprietary RFID devices such as the HoveRead® and/or the Locator.

RFID  is the only technology that can both count and locate items and the only one that can identify many items in one scan.

Utilizing the recently released pioneering HoveRead®, a circulating nurse can count in seconds every soiled sponge in the surgical arena as well as the unused ones to provide  assurance that no sponges are left behind. The system can also be used to reconcile disposables and un-tagged items.

Equipped with the Locator, ORLocate Sponge® is capable of identifying missing sponges misplaced in the laundry and trash bins or in a patient cavity and thus replaces expensive and potentially harmful X-Rays. For more information see this video.

The ORLocate Sponge® solution can be easily and quickly installed as either desk or wall-mounted, and it is offered with a variety of accessories such as a dedicated Roll-Stand. The ORLocate Sponge® system can also be integrated with the ORLocate View® server for unparalleled reporting and analytic capabilities, tailored to each client’s needs. The workstation is lightweight and easily movable; it requires minimal training and the hardware and devices are configurable per the selected use-cases. The modularity by design supports selecting the RSI module or the Counting module or both. ORLocate Sponge® can be expanded to track surgical instruments and thus provide every hospital with a solution tailored to its budget and growth strategy.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminate retained surgical sponges risks and liability costs
  • Provide effortless RFID enabled adjunct counting capability
  • Improve intraoperative operational efficiency
  • Reduce time spent on manual counting and searching of sponges
  • Prevent usage of impaired sponge packs
  • Reduce the need for harmful and costly X-Ray
  • Full regulatory compliance & UDI ready