ORLocate View

The ORLocate View Server

The ORLocate View® Server is a business intelligence (“BI”) expansion module to the ORLocate® System. It provides business intelligence, analytics and customized reporting capabilities to sterile processing department, quality, and patient safety managers.

ORLocate View® personalized management dashboard facilitates best in class Situation Awareness utilizing scorecards and KPI methods.

It enables hospitals to review intraoperative sponge utilization, staff compliance and ORLocate system usage.  In the sterile processing department it can be used to identify production floor potential bottlenecks and to provide real-time missing item and malfunction machines alerts. ORLocate View®‘s drill-through capabilities to both the item and transaction levels as well as its on-the-fly reporting and out-of-the-box productivity measurement and trend analytics are vital tools in any continuous improvement cycle. It improves patient safety as well as accuracy and integrity of the sterile processing.

ORLocate View® offers a comprehensive set of reports, and users can generate new reports with little or practically no training. ORLocate View® provides visibility over the entire lifecycle of surgical instruments with dedicated reports for issues such as measurement of employee productivity, immediate use cycles (flash), real instrument utilization, loaned set management and more.

ORLocate View® helps ORLocate users leverage the inherent advantages of their system while Haldor’s deployment experts assist customers in tailoring ORLocate View® to their needs.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Web-based business intelligence tailored for sterile processing
  • On-the-Fly analytics & report writer
  • Best in class Situation Awareness:
    • Production volume indication
    • Workflow queues and bottle-necks
    • Production machine status
    • Missing instrument alerts
    • Quality measurement and compliance indications
  • Drill Through to Transaction & Item Levels
  • Collaborative BI – send commented reports, create discussions
  • Mobile & tablet support
  • Personalized dashboards