ORLocate Solution

The ORLocate Solution

ORLocate® is the first commercially available comprehensive RFID enabled surgical item visibility platform. It equally leverages RFID technology, Barcode labeling, Data Matrix (2D) and etching to track, manage and analyze surgical instruments on an individual basis, before, during and post-surgical procedure.

The platform enables hospitals to significantly reduce costs associated with surgical instrument shrinkage, both in the perioperative continuum and at the sterile processing department (“SPD”).

ORLocate® increases staff productivity, eliminates manual counting procedures, and improve infection control and patient safety. The system can dramatically reduce RSI risks and thus providing significant savings.

ORLocate®'s generic adapter facilitates seamless integration with hospital information systems such as HIS, Scheduling, Billing, Logistics, Inventory, Biological Indicator testing platforms and Decontamination and Sterilization machines.

The ORLocate® platform is highly modular and can be easily adapted to support every use-case throughout the lifecycle and workflow of surgical items in two hospital domains:

  • Sterile Processing Department
  • Operating Room

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The compilation of every ORLocate® solution takes into account the following hospital requirements:

  • Domain: SPD, OR, or both
  • Item Type: Sponges, Instruments, or both
  • Tracking Level: Set, Instrument, or mix
  • Marking Method: RFID, Barcode, 2D etching, or mix
  • Integration: BI, Machine automation, OneSource and Scheduling

Furthermore, every solution is tailored to meet regulatory requirements, budgeting constraints, in accordance with organizational development plans.

As an example: A hospital may start with Set level solution marked with a barcode labels in the SPD domain (see below - ORLocate SPD).  As a 2nd phase, deploy a standalone intraoperative SpongeTM Solution (below - ORLocate Sponge) and as a 3rd stage expand to Instrument Tagging (ORLocate® SPD + OR Solutions) of high value items to be tracked throughout the entire lifecycle. Thus, ORLocate® constitutes the ideal infrastructure for every track and trace hospital requirement.

The ORLocate® RFID tags are capable of withstanding sterilization, liquid and metal environments, as expected in the workflow between the OR and the sterilization department throughout the lifespan of the surgical instruments. The RFID tags are firmly secured to surgical instruments and sterile consumables. Tag location is determined in conjunction with surgeon recommendations. ORLocate® is FDA 510(k) cleared and CE certified.

Main Value Proposition: 

  • Improve operational efficiency by providing:
    • Dramatic improvement of set accuracy
    • Comprehensive surgical item visibility
    • Faster and more accurate counting of instruments
    • Immediate indication of missing instruments that did not arrive from the OR to the SPD
    • Capability to measure SPD technician and workflow productivity
    • Measurement and analysis of instrument utilization
    • Assurance that the right instruments and trays are available when and where they are needed
    • Full traceability and auditability
    • Management of instrument maintenance cycle
    • Ability to incorporate per instrument, per stage and per set instructions (MIFU)
    • Loaned sets management
    • Powerful Biological Indicator integration that supports continuous improvement cycle
  • Decrease operational costs by:
    • Reducing time spent on surgical set assembly
    • Reducing instrument inventory loss
    • Reducing inventory needs for surgical instruments based upon actual usage
    • Lengthening the lifespan of instruments by effective maintenance management
    • Shortening the training period for SPD technicians
  • Reduce delays in patient care by:
    • Ensuring no missing or incorrect instrument is packed within a set
    • Ensuring intactness of instruments within the sets
  • Improve workflow efficiency by
    • Providing full traceability of individual instrument
    • Providing improved accuracy of packed sets arriving to OR
    • Ensuring defective instruments are not packed or returned to the OR
    • Improving communication channels between OR staff and SPD staff