ORLocate Solution

The ORLocate Solution

ORLocate® is the first commercially available comprehensive High Frequency RFID enabled visibility platform for surgical items. It leverages RFID technology to track, manage and analyze surgical instruments and sponges on an item level, before, during and at the conclusion of the surgical procedure.

ORLocate®   significantly reduces costs associated with surgical instrument shrinkage, both in the perioperative continuum and at the sterile processing department (“SPD”).

ORLocate® increases staff productivity, eliminates manual counting procedures, and improves infection control and patient safety. For RFID marked item, it eliminates RSI risks and reduces contamination risks.

ORLocate®‘s generic adapter facilitates seamless integration with hospital information systems such as HIS, Scheduling, Billing, Logistics, Inventory, Biological Indicator testing platforms and Decontamination and Sterilization machines.

The ORLocate® platform is modular by design and it can be easily adapted to support multiple use-cases through the lifecycle and workflow of surgical items at domains such as:

  • Operating Room
  • Labor & Delivery Department
  • Sterile Processing Department
  • Outsourced Sterilization Centers

Furthermore, the solution can be tailored to meet any regulatory requirement and budgeting constraint and in accordance with hospital organizational structure and growth strategy. As an example: A hospital may start with a stand alone ORLocate Sponge®  solution deployed at several operation rooms. At a 2nd phase, add a centralized perioperative system deployed at every surgical site with ORLocateView®  analytics to reduce costs and improve compliance and patient safety. As a next stage, the hospital can mark all its inventory of surgical instruments with ORLocate Instruments to eliminate RSI risks and to improve the intraoperative efficiency and surgical throughput. Additionally, ORLocate®  can be expanded to provide management of the sterile processing continuum to obtain instrument level lifecycle visibility. Thus, ORLocate®  constitutes the ideal expandable infrastructure for every hospital track and trace requirement.

The ORLocate® RFID tags are capable of withstanding sterilization and are operable in both liquid and metal environments, as expected in the workflow between the OR and the sterilization department through the entire lifespan of the surgical instruments. The H-Tag is  firmly secured to surgical instruments and Sponge Tag is custom developed for sterile disposables. H-Tag location is determined in conjunction with surgeon recommendations. ORLocate® is FDA 510(k) cleared and CE certified.