The Set Tag

The Set Tag 

The ORLocate® passive RFID Set Tag withstands the rigorous decontamination and sterilization processes. The Set Tag survives the harsh chemical intensive environments that prevail in the sterile processing department ("SPD") with a lifespan   similar to the metal trays to which it is attached.

Set Tag

The Set Tag can be attached to a container or tray by screws or by a metal ring attached to the tray handles. It was designed to support various SPD use-cases such as loan set management, bundle and peel-pack workflows and tracking of endoscopes.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Sustains all the commercial denomination processes including ultrasonic
  • Compatible with sterilization by:
    • Steam
    • ETO(Ethylene Oxide)
    • No2(Nitrogen Dioxide)
    • Plasma(Hydrogen Peroxide)
    • Excluding radiation (Gama)
  • Unique Device Identification ready
    (device type, serial number, manufacturing date)
  • GS1 compliant.
  • No power source required, powered by an RFID interrogating signal
  • No impact on instrument sterilization
  • No interference with instrument functionality
  • Detects hidden or covered items
  • Does not impact instrument manufacturer’s warranty.